Are you looking for a workout partner to help you stay motivated to go to the gym? Do you have tickets to a Broadway show that you can’t use? Or do you need to hire caregivers to help your homebound parent?  Our Member2Member listserv is a great way to make connections with other members about almost anything you are looking for. Click here for instructions on creating a post on member2member

As a member, you are invited to join Member2Member, RSNS’s private moderated community discussion board. When you join, you will receive emails from other members on a variety of topics--from someone looking to sell a dining room table to someone seeking recommendations for a good dentist. Because our list is moderated, you won’t receive forwarded spam or be inundated with solicitations. When selling items, all posts should adhere to the “spirit” of the list: members are entitled to seek fair value for items that others may have a need for, but this list serve prioritizes community benefit over profit.

You can also choose how to get the emails: one at a time, once a day or even once a week. You can search the archives RSNSMember2Member Google Group  to see recommendations or requests that have been made for everything from orthopedic surgeons, hairdressers, dog walkers, babysitters, nannies, aides, Broadway shows,  local mechanics.  And you can always email the moderator at for help navigating our list on Google Groups.

Call the RSNS office (516-627-6274) if you need to update your email address.