Rosh Hashanah Family Program: 2-6 year old

A series of family-friendly New Year's experiences featuring art, stories, social action, and more with separate programming for children ages 2-6 and 7-11.
All children must be accompanied by adults.

We look forward to beginning 5783 with reflections on the year that has passed and with hope for the year to come. We will mark the new year with songs, poetry, stories, and soundings of the shofar. Below, find all the necessary information to help us come together in a spirit that is joyful, respectful, and inclusive.
COVID PROTOCOLS: We will follow the most current CDC/Covid-19 guidelines as we approach the holidays. At this current moment, there are no longer any mask or vaccine mandates for indoor gatherings in New York State. We warmly welcome anyone who would like to wear a mask to do so at any of our holiday programs! Our sanctuary is equipped with Merv 13 filtration system, and we will have additional seating available in our ventilated tent with services on our large screen TV for those who feel more comfortable with outdoor seating.
REGISTRATION AND SEATING: A full schedule of services is listed below. Based on our capacity and anticipated in-person attendance, we will NOT be having split services this year. There will be a single seating for each service, including evenings, mornings, family, and afternoon services. Please note that all services will have a remote Zoom option available. For the sake of security and headcount, all in-person attendees should use the following link to indicate if they are attending services in person or remotely. For the security of all, these registrations are reserved for members in good standing and are non-transferable (names must be given at each service). Be prepared to show your ID at the door. Your cooperation, understanding, and assistance are greatly appreciated. Also, we ask you not to save seats for family members or friends. This behavior causes resentment that compromises the congenial spirit of the Holidays. Please call the office if you need help with the registration process.
GUEST REGISTRATION: We are thankful to be open to full capacity this High Holidays, and can once again welcome extended family members as guests for all services. You may also use the link above to indicate the number of extended families that will be attending services. The suggested donation is $200 per person for the High Holiday season.
REMOTE VIEWING: If you are not able to attend services in person, you may use the following link to attend services remotely via Zoom: (Zoom Meeting ID: 531 710 576 / Passcode: RSNS)
PARTICIPATION: There are several ways that members of the congregation can participate in services. Last year’s b’nei mitzvah will chant Torah. Other honors, such as English readings, Torah bearing, lifting (Hagbah), and wrapping (Gelilah) will be distributed by request. Adults who want to volunteer for a reading or an honor, or if your children would like an ark opening, call the Synagogue office (be sure to tell us which service you will attend). In addition, all shofar blowers are invited to bring their shofars for a collective sounding at the conclusion of the last service (Ne’ilah) on Yom Kippur.
PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Whether inside or outside the sanctuary, children must be with an adult at all times.

LIFE CYCLE ALIYOT: We will continue to mark the life cycle with special aliyot on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur as follows:
On Rosh Hashanah Day 1 morning, we will call forward:
● those who have suffered personal loss including the death of a family member or a friend, or a significant separation, which has left a void;
● those who are newly married, and those who will celebrate a landmark anniversary in the coming year;
● those who have welcomed new children into their families. There will be an announcement made about ten minutes before the aliyah welcoming “New Children” Rosh Hashanah morning so that participants can be sure their children and/or grandchildren are on the bimah.
On Yom Kippur morning, we will call forward:
● those who have become b’nei mitzvah this past year along with their parents
● those who anticipate being behind the wheel of a car for the first time in the coming year;
● those who have made a change in the course of the year, which includes, but is not limited to, all who have gone from school to work, who have sent children off to college, who have come out or transitioned gender, who have changed jobs or who have retired, and those who have moved residence.
ROSH HASHANAH GREETING CARDS: Every year we send Holiday greetings to one another as congregant members. To add your name to the card everyone in the congregation receives:
• Send an email by or before September 7th to: with your (family) name exactly as you’d like to see it appear on the card
• Recommended donation of $36 – by check (payable to RSNS), the donation link on our website (, by Zelle (via, or via your account in ShulCloud. Be sure to mention in the note that payment is for the Congregational Rosh HaShanah card.
DONATIONS: Anyone wishing to make an additional donation to help offset the cost of flowers, our celebratory kiddush oneg following Second Day Rosh Hashanah services, and the use of the tent for additional outdoor seating, can use the same methods as described above.
Hunger is still a major concern on Long Island. Please reach out to our neighbors in need during our High Holiday food drive that starts on 9/17. You can bring non-perishable food items to the collection bins in our lobby for the Harry Chapin Food Bank through the end of Sukkot (10/16). In addition, an online donation of organic fruit and/or vegetables can be made here ( starting now which will directly benefit food insecure New Yorkers via Long Island Cares.
With best wishes for the New Year,
Susan Liberstein (President)
Eileen Rosendahl (Ritual Committee Chair)