Israeli Film Night (In-person)

This year’s ISRAELI FILM SERIES is kicking off on Saturday night, November 6th!! 

Our goal is to provide a window into Israeli culture, through the lens of cinema. We present award-winning films (subtitled). There’s always a short lecture about the relevant topic that provides context and information. This year we invite you to take a look at different sub-groups within Israeli society. 


Our first session will focus on foreign workers and African refugees in Israel. We will watch “White Eye,” a short movie that was just nominated for an Oscar for best short film. We’ll also see a documentary about three teens from Eritrea living and studying in Israel. 


When?      Nov 6 - 8:00pm 

Where?     In-person, at RSNS


Come for a drink at 8pm, lecture starting no later than 8:30, followed by the short films and a discussion.


Looking forward to seeing you!! 

The Israeli Engagement Committee