Community-Wide Brunch and Learn!

Saturday, May 11th - Community-Wide Brunch and Learn! 9am-10:15am SHABBAT SCHOOL FOR ALL ALL RSNS members, whether they attend shabbat school or not, are invited to this special morning session, including an ADULT TORAH STUDY with Cantor Eric, and CHILDREN’S CLASSES with our amazing synagogue school teachers! 10:15-11am COMMUNITY SHABBAT SERVICES appropriate for all ages! 11am-11:45am LUNCH 11:45-1pm WORKSHOPS WITH JODIE AND LEE (Choose one): OUR FAMILIES - OURSELVES Each of us plays multiple roles in our families. In this adult workshop led by Rabbi Lee, you will examine your particular role or roles through the lens of the tale, "The Prince Who Thought He Was a Rooster," attributed to the Hasidic master, Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav. PARENTING THROUGH A JEWISH LENS Every decision we make as parents has not only psychological dimensions but moral, ethical, and spiritual ones as well. Using a Jewish perspective to understand parenting problems gives us a long view and reveals the underpinnings of the problem, not just the surface cuts and scratches. Parents will join Rabbi Jodie in discussion while children join Morah Miriam and Moreh Solomon in an exploration of Jewish values through art, stories, music and games.