About Us

Mission Statement

Where community is at our core

Where Jewish living is creative, inclusive, joyful and intergenerational

Where children are nurtured and treasured

Where we reach out beyond our congregation to help improve the world

Where “member2member” is the...


The Reconstructionist Synagogue of the North Shore (RSNS) was founded in the late 1950s by a group of families looking to form a committed and caring community based on the tenets of Reconstructionist Judaism and issues of social concern. The cong...

Clergy and Professional Staff

Rabbi Lee Friedlander   rabbilee@rsns.org

Rabbi Lee takes an active role in all aspects of the congregation. Equally at home in his weekly sixth grade Synagogue School class as he is in one of his bi-weekly seminars and Shabbat on the bima, he i...

Officers, Trustees and Committee Chairs

Co- President - Ron Guggenheimer and Jonathan Paisner

Past President - Dan Rabinowitz

Vice Presidents - Jane Buford, Matt Harris, Meryl Kaynard, Lorri Staal, Terry Wolff

Treasurer - Michael Rosenberg

Recording Secretary - Karen Unger-Belfer


Contact Us

The Reconstructionist Synagogue of the North Shore
1001 Plandome Road
Plandome, NY, 11030

Tel: 516-627-6274
Fax: 516-627-6349
Email: rsns@rsns.org

Executive Director Sylvia Jacobs – executivedirector@rsns.org
Membership – membership@rsns.o...