• Adopt-A-Survivor

    Post-Kadima Year, Monthly on Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00PM

    This program was established by Irving Roth, director of the Holocast Resource Center at Temple Judea of Manhasset. Mr. Roth has organized a network of Holocaust survivors to serve as "adoptees" for our eighth grade students. These connections provide a vital link to the events of the Holocaust in a time when there are fewer survivors living to tell their own stories. The process begins with conversations between survivor and adopter. Through a series of meetings held at RSNS under Rabbi Jodie's supervision, the students become "surrogate survivors," committed to learning and re-tellling their survivors' stories to the next generation. Students in this program agree to speak about their survivors in the year 2045, the 100th anniversary of the camps' liberation. The initial session consists of a formal educational piece to provide students with general background information. In subsequent sessions, students meet the survivors and talk wth them in detail. Finally, students present their survivors' stories to the Synagogue School and during RSNS' Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial) service.

    Family members are welcome, but not required to attend, and take turns providing food for each session.

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  • Executive Board Meeting

    This a closed meeting of the Executive Board.
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  • Women's Rosh Hodesh

    Women's Rosh Hodesh with Rabbi Jodie All women of our congregation are welcome to join us as we study and learn from each other. We examine traditional religious rituals and life cycle events and reflect on how they continue to meet the needs of women today. Current issues of importance to us are also discussed. Women of all ages are welcome.
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  • Men's Group

    Members only

    The Men's Group is a monthly vehicle for the men of our congregation to socialize and discuss topics of mutual, personal, and general interest. Rabbi Lee, a member of the group, participates in the discussions. Members socialize, learn more about one another, and develop friendships. Men of all ages are welcome. 

    Contact congregant Seymour Weinstein at

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  • Social Action Committee

    Our congregation is passionately committed to Tikkun Olam (Repairing our World). This includes social justice, advocacy, direct service and volunteering, environmental responsibility, raising awareness and tolerance and finding points of connection with diverse groups with whom we can partner to change our world for the better! The committee meets to identify need and to plan actions to pursue justice. Contact: Debbie Kesselman at

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  • Eat, Read, Talk

    EAT, READ, TALK with Rabbi Lee

    Thursdays 12:30 - 2:00PM

    We read articles of Jewish interest from a variety of sources. Subjects include politics, the arts, travel and the state of the State of Israel. Bring a dairy lunch. We’ll supply the beverages and the articles to be discussed.

    Dates: 10/17/19, 11/14/19, 12/12/19, 1/16/20, 2/13/20, 3/12/20, 4/23/20, 5/7/20

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  • Annual Blood Drive

    Here are a few reasons why you should donate blood this year… 

    · The New York Blood Center has announced an emergency shortage, and everyone’s help is needed to rebuild the blood supply.

    · Each blood donation can help save up to three lives because each donation is broken down into parts and given to three different people!

    · Every year, the New York Blood Center imports 50,000 pints of blood to the Metro New York region, because our region does not donate enough blood to keep our hospitals going.

    · Donating blood is safe and sterile. You cannot contract anything by donating -- except a warm feeling that you helped save three lives! 

    Our blood drive chairperson, Natalie Mines, is eager to sign you up! 

    Email with any questions and to schedule your time.

    OR you can sign up and schedule your donation time at

    To be eligible to donate blood, you must be between the ages of 16* and 76, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in good health. 

    *16-year olds must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian.

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  • Design Committee Meeting

    To be held on dance floor (back of sanctuary)

    This committee was newly activated two years ago to consider our sanctuary - the orientation of the seating, the bimah and its furnishings, including the Torah ark. Its work has been based on a series of 'town hall' meetings that detemined our values, which have directed the design and the work of the architect. The committee has worked with the House Committee to evaluate matters of maintenance. The committee meets frequently.

    Contact: Myrna Niego at

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  • Yoga

    Friday Morning Yoga taught by Rabbi Jodie Siff.

    Experience Shabbat through movement; connecting body, mind and soul.

    Good for all levels, this is an open level class, adults and post b'nai mitzvah teens, non-members welcome.

    Bring your own mats and yoga props (we have a few if you forget yours).

    Wear comfortable work out attire.

    Meets most Fridays (we do not during School Vacations) plese check our calendar.

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