Aging has its problems. Getting from place to place frequently becomes difficult, especially at night.  Added to this may be difficulty opening heavy doors, navigating steep steps, and feeling secure driving to a new place - even during the day.  Getting to medical appointments, social activities, shopping, attending synagogue services, may pose a problem.  As confidence in driving diminishes, many of us turn to friends and family for rides. Sometimes it is difficult to ask for help.  The RSNS Mutual Support Committee is available to help you.

In the spirit of our supportive community, ask fellow congregants who are attending congregational meetings or services if they are able to pick you up.  We are all aging. Those whom you ask may in their turn, ask others to help them.

Using public transportation may provide a transportation solution for you.  The Town of North Hempstead’s Project Independence, Ableride and the towns of Oyster Bay and Hempstead offer valuable services.

Project Independence is an initiative provided to residents of the Town of North Hempstead who are 60 years or older. There is no income eligibility limit. Transportation to medical appointments, dental appointments, outpatient treatment and shopping is provided at a minimal cost by use of a discounted taxi service.  Trips are restricted to within the town the town of North Hempstead.  Call if you need a ride. Services may change so call for information.  Dial 311 and ask for Project Independence at least 1 day before the service is needed.  


ABLERIDE (for people with disabilities)
Ableride is a shared bus, curb to curb, mode of flexible passenger transportation.   It does not follow fixed routes or schedules. Ableride operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Trips may be for any reason including medical, educational, personal, recreational or business.  There is a minimal charge for the service.  A Personal Care Attendant may ride at no extra charge. Trips can be scheduled up to seven days in advance.  To obtain information about Able-ride go to  then go to Ableride helps seniors get around

A metro card allows you to pay your fare electronically on all LI Bus routes and New York City Transit buses and subways. You can choose between several kinds of Metro Cards to pay your LI Bus fare.   They are available at half-price to senior citizens (over 60 for LI Bus; 65 for NYC Transit) and persons with qualifying disabilities. The card works the same way as an EZ Pass.  You decide how much money to deposit monthly and your charges are deducted per use.  For further information and an application go to

The Nassau County Office for the Physically Challenged provides handicapped permit and license plates for Nassau County residents. The applicant must have one or more severe disabilities that impair mobility.  Medical certification on the application must be completed by a NYS practicing licensed medical Doctor.  Google handicappedparkingpermits/nassaucounty for an application. Once the application is completed it should be mailed to Handicapped Parking Permit, 60 Charles Lindberg Blvd. Uniondale, NY 11553.



The Nassau County Police Department coordinates quality ambulance services for residents of the Town of North Hempstead.   Dial 911 for an ambulance.  Those living in Great Neck, if they choose not to dial 911, can dial 516.482.5000 for Vigilant Ambulance Services.

These first response vehicles come to the site of an emergency to help care for and transport patients who have sustained serious or life threatening trauma or illness. Trained paramedics and nurses move a patient, administer CPR, take care of wounds and breaks, and support life until they can safely arrive at an ICU. This type of emergency service is imperative because paramedics and EMTs can help rescue and save lives in the critical moments before a trauma victim is able to reach a hospital.

This document was prepared by the RSNS Mutual Support Committe