Workshops related to lifecycle needs reflect our Mutual Support focus.

Please send us suggestions for additional programs that would interest you.

The following is a list of workshops offered in previous years.

Depending on current interest, any of these can be repeated.

  • Breast Cancer - What We Need To Know
  • The Tradition of Writing Ethical Wills - What, Why and How
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • CPR Training
  • Food for Health
  • The AIDS Crisis
  • Using the Health Care System Effectively
  • Raising Children in an Affluent Society
  • When Death Happens: Jewish Ritual Behavior
  • How to Get the Best Care from the Health Care System
  • Parenting and Grandparenting: A Values Based Approach
  • When Your Child or Grandchild Plans to Intermarry
  • Getting Organized - Using a Personal and Legal Information Checklist