Talking with kids about racism

(email sent 6/3/2020)

Dear RSNS Families,

As some of you know, I grew up at RSNS and came back to teach in the Synagogue School after graduating college. What I remember most about my own education at RSNS is learning about the Jewish values of working toward justice and looking out for the most vulnerable in our midst. As a teacher, I have tried to pass down these values to the next generation.

The RSNS community contains multiple identities, especially among are youngest generation. Our identities may shape the way we have been processing and responding to the recent murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, and the unfolding protests across the country. As a white person, I have been exploring how to best educate myself toward better allyship in the fight against racism. 

I believe that educating the next generation about race and racism is vital, and is part of our responsibility as Jews given our own history of oppression. On behalf of RSNS, I want to share this article with parents in our community about how to start conversations about race in your family. PJ Library has also put together a number of resources geared toward families as well, including some that include a Jewish lens. Finally, this is an expansive list of resources that was sent to the congregation earlier this week. If you would like to speak further about how to approach these conversations, know that myself and Rabbi Jodie are here if you want to talk.

With blessings for safety and peace,