We just finished our celebration of Pesah, which marks the beginning of our People’s history in freedom. Of course for them, it was the “freedom” to wander for forty years. We, too, are in a period of wandering and wondering.  We continue to move forward into unexplored territory, while we wonder how long it will take us to, in our case, get back to where we were. Our ancestors, we are told, were all together in their journey, all 600,000 of them. Though we – RSNS members - are not as great in number, we are as mighty in spirit. And the Mutual Support Committee is there with us and for us to keep us socially connected while we remain physically distant.

Leslie Popkin continues to help us keep sane, healthy and even entertained with her “Tips.” She takes us beyond our walls and shows us the world and all the many possibilities it still holds.  If you have suggestions or come across programs that she might add to her list, email Leslie at

Carol Blumenthal continues to encourage and enlist members of our congregation to share their talents, interests and insights with us every Monday and Friday on Zoom from 2:00 to 3:00. This past week, Bob Wolff, John Miodownik, Marty Adickman and others made us laugh, and today, we will learn about grieving in the time of Covid-19 from Amy Olshever. We will feature the following programs this coming week. 

On Monday,April 20 (Zoom from 2:00 to 3:00), Marcia Mayer will lead a workshop titled “Masks for Us and for Long Island.” Marcia will teach us how to make face masks for ourselves and for front-line workers in need of them. You do not need to be handy or know how to sew. Make sure you have a 20” square of cotton – a cloth napkin, or bandana, or old shirt will do – and two elastic bands – hair elastics, large rubberbands, children’s potholder loops, for example. Marcia will tell us how to move beyond our own individual needs to the broader Long Island community to make and distribute masks for others.

Arty Salz will be on Zoom on Friday, April 28 to talk to fellow sports fans. (Find the event on the website calendar here.) His plan is to have us share favorite sports stories - the great games we’ve seen, the great plays we remember and the outstanding athletes we recall – and, perhaps, talk about our own amazing athletic achievements. Let’s pack Artie’s virtual stadium.

We look forward to traveling the world with Allen and Roseann Michaelson on Monday, April 27, and to learning about college admission in the time of Covid-19 with Paula Whitman on Friday, May 1. Fuller descriptions will follow.

Susan Liberstein continues to build her list of volunteers who are willing to support their fellow RSNS members with various tasks including shopping and delivering food and medications for those of us who are most vulnerable. If you would like to add your name to her list, email Susan at

Will we ever master the technology necessary to participate in our synagogue programs? To access Zoom, go to and press the link “ Click here to join a mutual support zoom, Mondays and Fridays at 2pm.” If you need additional help, email Cantor Eric at You can send him an email if you’d like to be a volunteer internet tutor, too.

We have already encountered many challenges, and we have mastered and overcome many of them, too. We will continue to go forward knowing that we have a community of good people to help us along the way. Every one of us is a member of the synagogue’s Mutual Support Committee by being an RSNS member.
Keep connected, and stay healthy and resilient.
MSC Members our connections.