In his Zoom program Tuesday afternoon in which he spoke about Pesah, resilience and COVID-19, congregant member, Dr. Ron Cohen, identified this time as one of physical distancing, not social distancing. Indeed the last thing we should be doing is staying away from each other even as we must remain in our own homes. Separated though we can still call friends, and even have coffee with them from our respective place of physical isolation. And the members of the Mutual Support Committee are doing much to support our connections.

Leslie Popkin is persistent in her work to help get us through these times with her “Tips” on everything from what to watch and read, to resources to keep us physically, mentally and emotionally whole. Just reading her weekly column broadens the world beyond the walls of our confinement. If you have contributions to add to her list, email Leslie at

Carol Blumenthal has continued the Committee’s efforts to bring Zoom programs to us. This past Monday, Bhavani Jaroff made miso soup with matza balls with us (talk about “living in two civilizations”), and on Tuesday, Ron Cohen helped us frame our present situation within the context of Pesah (as mentioned above). As noted on the synagogue website calendar and in the coming week’s events list, on Monday, April 12, beginning at 2:00pm, Bob Wolff will host an hour long session with Marty, Adickman, John Miodownik, Art Mones, Larry Popking Murray Schnipper, Mike Starr and Michael Weiden of telling stories and jokes designed to make us laugh or, at least groan. Laughing is an elixir in these times. Amy Olshever will be on Zoom on Friday, April 17 from 2:00 to 3:00pm to talk about grieving in the time of Coronavirus. She will help us to talk about our sense of loss and the emotional and spiritual impact that has resulted from our present situation, and give us tools to cope with, express and integrate it all into our present lives. We look forward to a Mask Making session with Marcia Mayer on April 20 – masks for us and for Long Island post office employees – and to Artie Salz talking about sports on the April 24. At present, we are scheduling our Mutual Support programs on Mondays and Fridays weekly from 2:00 to 3:00. If you have a program that you would like to offer, please email Carol Blumenthal at

Even as we journey on from the walls of our confinements, people continue to volunteer to help and support our fellow RSNS members with tasks including shopping and delivering food and medications for those of us who are most vulnerable. If you’d like to add your name to the list, contact Susan Liberstein at

Some of us are still frustrated with the technology necessary to participate in synagogue programs. To access Zoom, go to and press the link “Join a live ZOOM program.” If you need additional help, email Cantor Eric at You can send him an email if you’d like to volunteer to be an internet tutor, too.

We have encountered so many challenges and we know that there are more to come. “This is a marathon, not a sprint,” Ron Cohen remarked on Tuesday. Yes, we still have a distance to go, but it is being made easier knowing that we are “in community” journeying on together. Stay safe, stay connected. Wishing you strength and courage and a good and connected Pesah,

MSC Members