Dear Friends,

Last week we sent you a letter about what the Mutual Support Committee is doing during the COVID-19 crisis. What follows is the first of what will be a Friday weekly update.

Under “Programs,” please note that Barbara Schaffer will be offering the second session of her guitar and ukulele lessons. Some of us enjoyed baking with Debbie Kesselman via zoom on Wednesday (you can find the delicious macaroon recipe here) and we anticipate another cooking experience with another one of our members in the near future. If you have a program that you would like to offer, contact Carol Blumenthal at

Leslie Popkin has offered an exhaustive list of cultural and mind stretching resources, of activities for kids, of information regarding food delivery and pick up, and of health care imperatives that can be found on our website's “Tips” page. As you hear about other resources and garner additional suggestions and offerings, pass them on to Leslie at

We are beginning to receive specific ways that people want to help others in our RSNS community. If you are willing and able to volunteer in any way to support your fellow members including shopping and delivering food or medications for confined congregants, email to contact Susan Liberstein. We are composing this list with an understanding that at this fast-changing time, what is possible now may not be possible later.

Many of us have been experiencing frustration dealing with the technology necessary to participate in our programs. To ease your way, the synagogue now has now made zoom easier to access. Go to (look inside the grey box above the photographs) and press “Join a live ZOOM program.” If you need an additional tutorial, email Cantor Eric at You can email him if you’d like to volunteer as a tutor, too. As you have read, we will be zooming a seder on the first two nights of Pesah. We are still working on a way for you and your guests to login that night. Stay tuned for more information including times.
There are so many challenges we have that we haven’t had before. We are all learning new skills and experiencing new frustrations. Together we’ll make it all work. In the interim, the members of the Mutual Support Committee (which is really the entire congregation) will continue to offer ways for us to be connected.
To access everything we have to offer, go to the Covid-19 Crisis section of our  homepage, click, " A list and description of all RSNS remote programming (mutual support, clergy, school, social action, etc)," and click the link next to "Mutual Support."

Stay safe and stay connected. Wishing you strength and courage,
MSC Members

(email sent 3/27/2020)