RSNS Mutual Support Committee Conference Call

(email sent 3/15/2020)

Members of the Mutual Support Committee have been thinking about each member of RSNS trying to figure it all out. Broadway is darkened, schools are closed, marketing is challenging, and we are waiting for this medical crisis to pass. Some of us have challenges in working at home while children want and need our attention. Some of us are experiencing stress in getting to work and being at work. Many of us are feeling isolated and alone.

For others, this time of confinement is a chance to clean out drawers and closets, plan for summer vacations, talk to teens about sports and music, and become reacquainted with our college age children. And we may finally have time to talk with our parents or with our children about those really important things we don’t usually have the time to discuss. We might even read our car manual and learn how to change the clock to daylight savings time.

And some of us want to be of service to community, to our RSNS community in particular. This is, indeed, a time to reach out not only to family and friends, but to others, too. We can be heartened by the number of people who in conversations with our Clergy Team and through our member2member listserv have expressed their desire to be of help. To this end, the Mutual Support Committee will host a call TOMORROW Monday, March 16 at 7:00 P.M. To be a part of this effort, dial 1-425-436-6315 and use the pass code 647857. If you would like to be of help, but are unable to make the call, please text Rabbi Lee at 516-302-5221, or call his home phone at 516-621-2067; or email Harriet Feiner at Let’s put our heads together and see how we can be of support. We hope, too, that if you are in need you will reach out to any member of our committee listed below or to Lee, Jodie and Eric.

We hope that we will meet ‘face-to-face’ and in full embrace of one another soon. Let’s do what we can to sustain one another until that time. Stay safe and stay connected.

Wishing us all strength and courage,
Mutual Support Committee members,
Harriet Feiner
Pearl Weinstein
Carol Blumenthal
Amy Olshever
Eileen Rosendahl
Lisa Sloan
Emily Klass
Rachel Mankowitz
Anita Bloom