RSNS Clergy Connections

Tuesday, 5/11/2021 Lee: Judaism and Restorative Justice
Wednesday, 5/12/2021 Eric: Jewish Mothers Through The Ages


Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 12pm, tune in to a live broadcast from Rabbi Lee or Cantor Eric, and Fridays at 12pm, join Rabbi Jodie for Shabbat Yoga. A yoga lesson, a new song, a mini-study session, you never know what bite-size piece of RSNS you’re going to get until you tune in! Whether you are a webinar maven, or brand-new to online conferencing, we think Zoom will be a valuable, easy-to-use tool for lots of online programming in the coming weeks. So take a look at the instructions below, and join us for the following:

Wed, 3/18 at 12pm: Cantor Eric - Connecting Through Soul Songs
Thurs, 3/19 at 12pm: Rabbi Lee - Census and Plague: Where is God?
Fri, 3/20 at 12pm: Rabbi Jodie - Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 3/23 at 12pm: Cantor Eric - A Peek at the (Torah) Portion
Tues, 3/24 at 12pm: Rabbi Lee - Where is God: A Pre-Modern Question
Wed, 3/25 at 12pm: Cantor Eric - Pesah Music
Thurs, 3/26 at 12pm: Rabbi Lee - A Theme For Pesah
Fri, 3/27 at 12pm: Rabbi Jodie - Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 3/30 at 12pm: Solomon - Liturgy in the Age of Coronavirus
[“From the depths, I call to you.” - Psalm 130
We’ll explore the liturgy of our ancestors and search for metaphors and mantras that resonate with us in this moment.]
Tues, 3/31 at 12pm: Lee - Thinking about Pesah: Seder Themes and More
Wed, 4/1 at 12pm: Eric - Navigating Jewish Texts Online
Thurs, 4/2 at 12pm: Lee - Thinking about Pesah: Seder Themes and More
Fri, 4/3 at 12pm: Jodie - Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 4/6 at 12pm: Eric - Music for purifications
Tues, 4/7 at 12pm: Lee - Thinking about Pesach - Seder themes and more
Fri, 4/10 at 12pm: Jodie - Shabbart Yoga

Mon, 4/13 Eric-Passover Diversions
Tues, 4/14 Lee-Thinking about Pesah: Seder themes and more
Thurs, 4/16 Lee-The Burning of the Reconstructionist Prayerbook
Fri, 4/17 Jodie-Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 4/20 Eric, Music for mourning and memory for Yom HaShaoh
Tues, 4/21 Lee, What Jewish Medical Ethics Can Teach Us About Coronavirus
Wed, 4/22 Eric, The magic of the Omer - Making Each Day Count
Thurs, 4/23 Lee, Coronavirus: Dateline Israel
Fri, 4/24 Jodie, Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 4/27 Eric - Yom HaZikaron: Silence in Jewish Tradition
Tues, 4/28 Lee - Halakhic Responses to the Coronavirus
Wed, 4/29 Eric - Yom Ha’Atzma’ut: A Taste of Modern Israeli Music
Thurs, 4/30 Lee - Coronavirus: Dateline Gaza
Fri, 5/1 Jodie - Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 5/4 Eric - Jewish wisdom from Star Wars
Tues, 5/5 Lee - How the Coronavirus is informing Jewish Ritual Practice: Session Two
Wed, 5/6 Eric - Teachings from Pirke Avot
Thurs, 5/7 Lee - Is Mayor deBlasio an Anti-Semite?  Are You?
Fri, 5/8 Jodie - Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 5/11 Eric - Lag B’Omer
Tues, 5/12 Lee - Jewish Law in the Age of Covid-19: The Chevre Kaddisha / Considerations Regarding Ritual Washing After Death.
Wed, 5/13 Eric - Blossoms of Hope
Thurs, 5/14 Lee - Issues Regarding the Annexation of West Bank Territories
Fri, 5/15 Jodie - Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 5/18 Eric - Do the Math
Tues, 5/19 Lee - If Israel does not annex the West Bank, what's next?
Wed, 5/20 Eric - Day by Day
Thurs, 5/21 Lee - The ethics of using knowledge obtained by terror to heal
Fri, 5/22 Jodie - Shabbat Yoga

Tues, 5/26 Lee:  What can we learn from Humanistic Judaism?
Wed, 5/27 Eric: Daily psalms
Thurs, 5/28 Lee: The tikkun (spiritual repair) for the fallen Torah Scroll continues

Mon, 6/1 Eric: All About Sivan
Tues, 6/2 Lee:  Why be Jewish?  A Jewish Humanistic Approach
Wed, 6/3 Eric: Jewish Broadway Favorites
Thurs, 6/4 Lee:  Jewish Denominationalism in a Post- Covid-19 World
Fri, 6/5 Jodie - Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 6/8 Eric:  Beyond the Gender Binary in the Talmud (Happy Pride!)
Tues, 6/9 Lee:  Post Covid Judaism:  Should denominational movements survive?
Wed, 6/10 Eric:  The Jewish connection to Flags (Rainbow and otherwise)
Thurs, 6/11 Lee:  Racism in America today:  What’s a Jew to do?  Voices from  inside  and from outside.
Fri, 6/12 Jodie:  Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 6/15 Eric: Protest Songs 2: Anthems of Racial Justice   
Tues, 6/16 Lee: Are the Jewish Religious Movements Still Relevant?
Wed, 6/17 Eric: Jews, Race, and the creation of the American Suburb
Thurs, 6/18 Lee: Can Progressive Jews Divorce Themselves from Zionism?
Fri, 6/19 Jodie: Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 6/22 Eric: Masks in Jewish tradition
Tues, 6/23 Lee: Zionism is not 'not Judaism'
Wed, 6/24 Eric: Beyond Eden- Are snakes all bad?
Thurs, 6/25 Lee: How would we have felt if Bernie Sanders had been 'the' candidate?
Fri, 6/26 Jodie: Shabbat Yoga

Mon, 6/29 Eric: Statues - History or Idolatry?
Tues, 6/30 Lee: Allocating Funds to Jewish Institutions in the Era of Covid
Wed, 7/1 Eric: Hamilton: Jewish connections

Tuesday, 7/7 Lee: What Eliot Engel's election defeat has to say about American Jews and annexation
Wednesday, 7/8 Eric: Revolts, Riots & Rebellions in Jewish History

Tuesday, 7/14 Lee: Two Halakhic Issues Looked at Anew: (1) Smoking and (2) Circumcision
Wednesday, 7/15 Eric: Black Anti-Semitism: Looking Back/A Way Forward

Tuesday, 7/21 Jodie: Encountering the Torah Portion of the week
Wednesday, 7/22 Eric: Jewish thoughts on cancel culture

Tuesday, 7/28 Lee: Is a one state solution for Israel a viable alternative?
Wednesday, 7/29 Eric: Don't Stand Idly By: Communal Responsibility in Jewish Tradition

Tuesday, 8/4 Lee: What is the comedian Seth Rogen saying about Israel and why should we care about it?
Wednesday, 8/5 Eric: The Giving Tree - Jewish perspectives on the limits of selflessness

Tuesday, 8/11 Eric: Jews and the Postal Service - A Long and Strange History
Wednesday, 8/12 Eric: Baseball Interrupted: From A League of Their Own to Hammerin' Hank Greenberg - how Jews played a role in baseball's wacky Wartime and Pandemic seasons

Tuesday, 8/18 Lee: Israel and the United Arab Emirates: An Analysis of the Agreement
Wednesday, 8/19 Eric: Conventional Wisdom - Notable Jewish moments at the Democratic National Convention

Tuesday, 8/25 Lee: Jews, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook
Wednesday, 8/26 Eric: The Unwritten Rules

Tuesday, 9/1 Lee: Is Judaism compatible with democracy?
Wednesday, 9/2 Eric: Lost in Translation?

Tuesday, 9/8 Lee: What does Judaism say about animals in the order of creation and in our lives?
Wednesday, 9/9 Eric: Jew S. Open? The Unusually Deep History of Jews & Tennis

Tuesday, 9/15 Lee: Jews and politics in the synagogue: A History
Wednesday, 9/16 Eric: The Power of Soup - Jewish penicillin or terrorist weapon?

Tuesday, 9/29 Lee: Secular Conversion to Judaism: An Idea for our times?
Wednesday, 9/30 Eric: For Good Measure

Tuesday, 10/13 Lee: From Apotropaic Mnemonic: How Judaism Turned from Magical Thinking
Wednesday, 10/14 Eric: Praying for a friend, and for an enemy?

Tuesday, 10/27 Lee: Tattoos and piercings: A Modern Jewish Perspective
Wednesday, 10/28 Eric: Spooky Jews

Tuesday, 11/9 Lee: Judaism & Plastic Surgery

Tuesday, 11/17 Lee: More on Judaism and Cosmetic Surgery
Wednesday, 11/18 Eric: Talking Turkey

Tuesday, 11/24 Lee: Judaism's position on cosmetic surgical enhancements
Wednesday, 11/25 Eric: Pilgrimages

Tuesday, 12/1 Lee: The New Jewish Canon: Books that should be added to our shelves
Wednesday, 12/2 Eric: Jews & Oil

Tuesday, 12/8 Eric: Theodore Hertzl’s Christmas Tree
Wednesday, 12/9 Lee: An evaluation of Israel Birthright

Tuesday, 12/15 Lee: Chanukah, History & Lore
Wednesday, 12/16 Eric: The "Jewish Accent" & its Significance

Tuesday, 12/22 Lee: Jewish Views & Right to Die
Wednesday, 12/23 Eric: Saturn Meets Jupiter Meets Judaism

Tuesday, 1/5/2021 Lee: Artificial Insemination & Surrogacy in Jewish Law
Wednesday, 1/6/2021 Eric: New Year's wisdom from Slate's 80 over 80

Tuesday, 1/12/2021 Lee: Judaism's Perspective on Vaccinations, and on the Allocation of Limited Medical Resources
Wednesday, 1/13/2021 Eric: Looking forward: Initiation and Inauguration in Jewish Tradition

Tuesday, 1/19/2021 Lee: Jewish Views on Allocation of Limited Medical Resources and on Vaccinations
Wednesday, 1/20/2021 *2:00pm* Eric: Songs of the Sea, from Mi Chamocha to Wellerman

Tuesday, 1/26/2021 Lee: Jewish Values, the Allocation of Limited Medical Resources and Vaccinations
Wednesday, 1/27/2021 Eric: There can be miracles? Jewish answer (or two)

Tuesday, 2/2/2021 Lee: On Jewish Identity: What legacy will we leave?
Wednesday, 2/3/2021 Eric: For The Birds

Tuesday, 2/9/2021 Lee: Defining Anti-Semitism
Wednesday, 2/10/2021 Eric: Jews Who Have Changed The Game

Tuesday, 2/16/2021 Eric: The roll of the “Bagel Jew” in modern Jewish life
Wednesday, 2/17/2021 Lee: The History and Purpose of the Kippa/Yarmulka

Tuesday, 2/23/2021 Lee: Should the Bornplatz Synagogue destroyed in Hamburg on Kristallnacht be rebuilt?​
Wednesday, 2/24/2021 Eric: Jews for Joy? Happiness in Jewish tradition

Tuesday, 3/2/2021 Lee: What News in Israel: Updates on the Coronavirus and on the Elections​​
Wednesday, 3/3/2021 Eric: "Pizza Party!"

Tuesday, 3/9/2021 Lee: Israel, Covid, and Ultra-Orthodox Jews: An Update​​
Wednesday, 3/10/2021 Eric: Jewish “Bracketology”

Tuesday, 3/16/2021 Lee: Of Nazis, Crimes, Punishment and Memory
Wednesday, 3/17/2021 Eric: Daylight Saving Time: Good for the Jews?

Tuesday, 3/23/2021 Lee: Why Jewish Wine Tastes Terrible, and Kosher for Pesah Food for Pets
Wednesday, 3/24/2021 Eric: Asian Jews: History, Family, Solidarity

Tuesday, 3/30/2021 Lee: The symbols and foods of Pesah

Tuesday, 4/6/2021 Lee: A Jewish Perspective on Work and on the Living Wage Movement
Wednesday, 4/7/2021 Eric: Mine!! Ownership in Jewish tradition

Tuesday, 4/13/2021 Lee: Judaism & Capital Punishment
Wednesday, 4/14/2021 Eric: Pot Shabbat? NY Marijuana legalization and the Jews

Tuesday, 4/20/2021 Lee: Through the lens of our ancestors
Wednesday, 4/21/2021 Eric: From the Shekel to BitCoen(!), Currency in Jewish Tradition

Tuesday, 4/27/2021 Lee: Toothaches and other dental emergencies on Shabbat
Wednesday, 4/28/2021 Eric: The Meaning of Diaspora in the 21st Century

Tuesday, 5/4/2021 Lee: What Judaism says about going to war - when and why
Wednesday, 5/5/2021 Eric: "What Would Hillel Do?"

Tuesday, 5/11/2021 Lee: Judaism and Restorative Justice
Wednesday, 5/12/2021 Eric: Jewish Mothers Through The Ages



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