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At RSNS's Synagogue School, it is our goal to support your desire to raise your children with a deep appreciation, understanding, and excitement for Jewish life in its various manifestations—religious, cultural and communal. We strive to create a climate of acceptance and comfort, where all questions are honored and each child is appreciated. We seek to create within our school a deeply caring community and hope to provide each child with the tools to lead full and productive Jewish lives. 

Our curriculum is dynamic and interactive, flowing from individual Jewish identity to an awareness of the larger Jewish community and the world. From an early age, children are taught to love and honor the language of our tradition as they learn the alef-bet.Through song, prayer and stories, they deepen their knowledge of Hebrew. In addition to basic vocabulary, children learn both the Friday night and Shabbat morning liturgies, as well as selected holiday prayers.

We focus on Jewish civilization through a holiday-based curriculum using cooking, art, music, and literature to supplement the culture, ethics, history and spiritual components. 

We teach Torah as a living document that serves not only as a record of our history but as a blueprint for our lives today.

From tours of Ellis Island and the Lower East side to making mezuzah holders in arts class, from building sukkahs to volunteering at soup kitchens, our goal at RSNS's Synagogue School is not only Jewish literacy, but Jewish community and culture as well. We want our children to have knowledge about what it means to be Jewish, to learn the traditions, the observances and the positive feeling of what it means to be a Jew.

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