How we care for one another

Mutual Support is not just a committee:

It is a philosophy

We have joined together to care for one another and to share both sad and joyous times for more than 35 years.

Our community possesses varied and rich resources - our own skills and experiences. Sometimes an empathic connection with someone who has gone through a similar crisis or has handled a common problem can make a world of difference.  In addition, members with expertise may be able to offer guidance.

It is sometimes easier to offer help than to ask for it. However, Mutual Support is a give and take operation. We all need help at sometime in our lives.  Please tell us when you have a need with a telephone call or email to the clergy team or to Ilse Sander, Pearl Weinstein or Harriet Feiner.

Some of the more concrete ways in which we have been able to help one another, include, but are not limited to:

  • Meals for a mourning family
  • Assistance in planning a funeral
  • Transportation to doctors’ appointments, shopping and synagogue activities
  • Hospital and home visits
  • Life cycle event support