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Use the links below to access articles written by and/or references to RSNS, our clergy and our members, and the Reconstructionist Movement.

Letter to the Congrgation on Security - August 2017

Camp JRF in the News:

Martyrology 2015: For the past few years, the Martyrology/Avodah Service at RSNS has focused on a contemporary issue. In light of the recent high profile deaths of African Americans at the hands of the police, and the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement, the subject for 2015 was race relations. Solomon Hoffman presented an introduction followed by two guest speakers, Olivia Harris and Dhari Noel.

Our congregant, Arthur Salz was published in NY Times Sunday Review discussing how America is falling short in how it cares for its populace.

Adina Kay's article about Camp JRF!

Cantor Eric Schulmiller's take on the complete history of Lucy’s pulling the football away from Charlie Brown

Rabbi Jodie is quoted in the Jewish Daily Foward

Cantor Eric has and article in the NY Times Sunday Magazine July 2014