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Monday Message (email sent 6/22/2020)

Monday Message (email sent 6/15/2020)

Call Times/Update (email sent 6/11/2020)

Tuesday Message (there is a lot to share this week) (email sent 6/9/2020)

Monday Message- AND FIELD TRIP INFO! (email sent 6/8/2020)

Camp 2020 (email sent 6/4/2020)

Monday Message (email sent 6/1/2020)

PJ Library Event (email sent 5/26/2020)

Monday Message (email sent 5/25/2020)

Monday Message (email sent 5/18/2020)

Virtual Field Trip (email sent 5/16/2020)

revised calendar - reminder (email sent 5/13/2020)

Monday Message (email sent 5/11/2020)

VIRTUAL RAFFLE CLOSES SATURDAY AT NOON (and read at end about using your GS credit for tickets) (email sent 5/8/2020)

few reminders and library today (email sent 5/6/2020)

Monday Memo (email sent 5/4/2020)

VIRTUAL RAFFLE... COME PLAY!! (email sent 5/2/2020)

Monday Memo (email sent 4/27/2020)

Monday Memo (on Tuesday) (email sent 4/21/2020)

Gan Shalom Specials Start Tomorrow (email sent 4/19/2020)

PLEASE NOTE (email sent 4/15/2020)

phone call sign ups (email sent 4/15/2020)

Monday Memo (email sent 4/13/2020)

Gan Shalom Survey... Please share your thoughts! (email sent 4/10/2020)

A Note from the Mitzvah Committee (email sent 4/10/2020)

Messages from Gan Shalom (email sent 4/8/2020)

from Librarian Lesley (email sent 4/8/2020)

A Request if I Might... (email sent 4/6/2020)

Monday Memo (on Sunday) (email sent 4/5/2020)

update for our families- please read (email sent 4/2/2020)

Upcoming Passover Events... Please Join Us!! (via zoom, of course) (email sent 3/31/2020)

next week (email sent 3/28/2020)

checking in... (email sent 3/25/2020)

Website and Zoom Info (email sent 3/22/2020)

Sign-Up for Individual School Calls (email sent 3/21/2020)

Shabbat and Weekend Offerings for Gan Shalom Families (email sent 3/20/2020)

INTO THE VIRTUAL WORLD WE GO... (email sent 3/19/2020)

A Few More Ideas... (email sent 3/18/2020)

Just Some Ideas... (email sent 3/16/2020)

New School Dates for Gan Shalom (email sent 3/15/2020)

School Announcement (email sent 3/13/2020)