ZOOM: The Idea of Home: Living Abroad and Returning to the US with Meredith Randall

Where is home?  What determines ‘home’?  At age seventeen, congregant Meredith Cohen Randall left Port Washington to University – to Chicago, then to Oxford, and then to New Haven.  She met her South African-born husband, Duncan, while at Oxford.  After completing her studies in New Haven, she settled with him in Johannesburg where she began to raise her four children.  At age forty, Meredith became homesick and moved her family back to Long Island.  On Thursday, 10 December at noon on Zoom 1, Meredith will talk about the idea of ‘home,’ and of the similarities and differences of living in Manhasset and Johannesburg.


Meeting ID: 531 710 576

(Passcode: RSNS)