ZOOM: Growing Micro Greens and Bean Sprouts at Home with Sharon Dobbs

Micro-greens, whose flavor is much more concentrated than that of mature greens, are excellent additions to salads, soups and sandwiches. They, like bean sprouts, germinate in soil or soil substitute, require sunlight, and can be harvested in seven to fourteen days when they grow to be one to three inches tall. The best part is that they can be grown in a flower pot in a window or on a terrace. Sharon will lead us through the process of planting and care. If you want to plant with her, have a pot on hand with seed packages of micro-greens, bean sprouts or pea shoots. Seeds can be ordered online (Micorgreens Burpee’s Mix Seeds and Plants, Vegetable Gardening at Burpee.com is one source), or purchased at most garden centers or hardware stores.

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