ZOOM: Beyond Synagogue School

Meeting ID: 531 710 576

While we all hope life returns to “normal” sooner rather than later, in the mean time we at RSNS will do all we can to help our families stay connected, while we continue to learn and grow together!

May 14 - Eric
it’s omer season! we’ll play some number games as we explore ways to make each day count!

May 19 - Solomon
We'll explore rhythm through our breath, Jewish songs and movement! Have an instrument you can bring to create a rhythm? Bring it along!

May 21 - Jodie
we will answer polls about the biblical characters as we explore our own relationships.

May 26 - Rebecca
we will explore the holiday of Shavuot through games and a visual art experience-just like Media Center!

May 28 - Eric
Sinai Night Live! let’s use improv games to celebrate shavuot!

June 2 - Solomon
We'll answer poll questions to see how we connect to the different Jewish prayers, then we'll write our own blessings! Bring a piece of paper and markers/crayons etc. to help create your very own blessing!

June 4 - Jodie
we will read a bible story while we create a paper ripping midrash. All you need is a piece of paper and a glue stick!

June 9 - Rebecca
let’s think about our Jewish Identity by exploring the objects in our own homes and a media center style art experience!

June 11 - Eric
Around the Jewish world in 30 minutes! Join us on a jam-packed multimedia tour of Jewish sites around the world!

June 16 - Solomon
Join us for an hour of games! Name that tune, Jewish Taboo, and more!

June 18 - Jodie
let’s move our bodies and relax our minds as we do some yoga to a Jewish Bluegrass Band, Nefesh Mountain!

June 23 - Rebecca
Join Rebecca for a 16 team single elimination tournament featuring a whole league of Jewish food, places, things and people. You decide the winners of each round! Who or what will take home the title of…Favorite Jewish Thing?

June 25 - Eric
game time!! Cantor Eric will lead kids in a variety of Jewish-themed zoom games!