Passover Blessings Workshop

This workshop will focus on creating blessings that will help us through the Passover season in particular and allow us to focus on what we want to learn and celebrate at this time of year.

What can we add to the traditional Passover blessings that could make the holiday feel more meaningful to us? Do we want to create blessings to honor the telling of our own Exodus-from-Egypt stories, or maybe we want to expand our visions of the kind of chametz we need to remove from our lives? Can we use blessings as a way to reward ourselves for the steps we've taken to change our lives this year and to acknowledge our struggles along the way?

To address these questions, and in anticipation of the Passover season, Rabbi Lee and Rachel Mankowitz invite you to join them for a Passover Blessings Workshop on Wednesday, February 19, at 7:30PM. We hope that asking these questions together and writing our own blessings will bring renewed purpose to our Passover experience.