Jews, Race & Religion

Reconstructing Judaism’s Ethics Center in collaboration with U Penn’s Katz Center for Judaic Studies are sponsoring a series of lectures (Jan-Apr Thursday afternoons) on Jews, Race and Religion.

Register for the webinars here.

The programs scheduled, all Thursday afternoons from 1:30 to 2:30 PM, are:

January 28: Mira Wasserman and Steve Weitzman
Is the Talmud Racist?

February 4: Richard Newton
Zakhor: Alex Haley’s Roots, Scriptures, and the Race for America

February 11: J. Kameron Carter
Jews and the Religion of Whiteness

February 18: Sophie Bjork-James
Religion and White Supremacy in the United States

February 25: Marc Dollinger
Black Power, Jewish Politics: Reinventing the Alliance in the 1960s

March 4: Sylvester A. Johnson
Limpieza de Sangre and the “Clash of Civilizations”;
Or, What Hath the Soul to Do with Racialized Bodies?

March 18: Laura Limonic
Race, Class and Privilege:
How Latino Jews Navigate Life in the United States

March 25: Judith Weisenfeld
“We are the Ethiopian Hebrews, Brothers to the Fair White Jew”:
Race, Religion, and Jewish Identity in Harlem

April 8: Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt
Funny—You Don’t Look Jewish!

April 15: Claris Harbon
The Diaspora Within: Mizrahi Jews from Minneapolis to Jerusalem

April 22: Shana Sippy
Purity Politics and the Problem of Jewish Solidarity

As can be seen, the first lecture already took place on the 28th of January. However, all lectures are being taped and can be viewed on the Katz Center’s YouTube channel:

Additional readings and resources: