Blessings Workshop

Our sages instruct that we should recite 100 blessings a day, and while traditional Jews easily fulfill that quota by davenning  three times a day, and reciting blessings over daily activities, like hand washing and food, liberal Jews can find the 100 blessing goal difficult to achieve.  More to the point, progressive Jews may question the purpose of reciting the existing blessings, or any blessings at all. Are blessings reserved for moments of appreciation and gratitude, or are there times when we might want to express an aspiration or acknowledge pain? What impact do these blessings have on our daily lives?

To address these questions, and in anticipation of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, Rabbi Lee and Rachel Mankowitz invite you to join them for a Blessings Workshop on Thursday, 12 September at 7:30.  The aim of this workshop is to empower us to create our own blessings that express more of who we are, of what we feel, and to what we aspire. We hope that asking these questions together and writing our own blessings will bring renewed purpose to our High Holiday experience.